The problem: IT equipment becomes obsolete within a few years and is either given away or discarded. Discarded equipmnet that is not properly disposed of will end up in land-fill sites where is can cause damage to the environment as is slowly breaks down over many years. Equipment that is given away can contain private business and personal information. DHTS can help: by ensuring that your obsolete equipment is properly disposed of, you protect your business and personal information and the environment. Hard drives on computers are erased / formatted or physically destroyed. A certificate of destruction is available on request.

By putting effort into equipment selection, you strike a balance between maximizing the utilization of your assets while you minimize impact on the environment. Factors such as price, quality (reputation), and power consumption are a few points to consider.

DHTS can help you reduce the quantity of paper generated by your business processes by examining strategies for electronic storage, reception and sending of documents and records.

All of us share a stake in ensuring that the environmental impact of our lives and business activities is as small as possible.

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DHTS cares about the environment:

  • Free pickup and disposal of obsolete IT equiment and electronic waste
  • How do we remove data from a hard drive?
  • Case Study: Reduction of paper reduces operating costs, increases efficiency
  • Used equipment for sale

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We Recycle

In 2012, responsible disposal efforts kept the following from ending up in landfill:

  • 47 laptops
  • 61 desktop PCs
  • 20 CRT monitors
  • Plenty of other electronic material

Join us in making 2013 an even better year for our earth!

For MIRA and for the Earth

Remember to put asside your empty toner cartridges and old mobile phones. We will pick them up and send them off to the Mira Foundation. Proceeds help to provide guide dogs for the visually challenged.